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Processes, enhanced.

Phenomena are more than what they look.
Aramix makes you see the invisible.

We enhance every Management and Industrial process, solving complex problems through AI and Data Science.

Our technology gives people a more complete, precise and simultaneous view of phenomena, deepening available data and seeking missing ones.

From understanding phenomena to turning them into their best version.

Data science for unique projects

3 models, endless combinations:
your project is going to be unmatched.

Descriptive models

What is going on?

To identify the specific variables that describe a phenomenon and all their possible correlations.

Predictive models

What could happen?

To combine data-current and historical, endogenous from exogenous-in order to anticipate the future behavior of this phenomenon

Prescriptive models

What should you do?

To optimize the phenomenon through preventive measures and with mitigation actions.

Algorithms and models for the analysis, prediction and performance optimization of industrial components, systems and processes.

Setting goals and managing a set of interrelated operations to accomplish organizational objectives.

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