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Large Language Models

Generative AI for optimized templates on conversational tasks and natural language expressions, according to each company’s needs

LLM: “in-prompt” assistance tools

To assist users and provide the most useful answers to solve their case, we train a chatbot starting from a commercial Large Language Model, which is enriched on the basis of our client’s domain experience.

Users can submit their request in the form of free text, like a real conversation, while the virtual assistant continues to ask for information until it is able to direct them to the correct case, in a natural and much more exhaustive way than a set of pre-established FAQs.

The virtual assistant can provide its answers both through text generation and a pre-established template. The tone of the answer is customizable.

Training and enrichment in context

To help the operator answer user questions about all the available products and use cases, we create a repository with all the relevant contents, which are indexed dynamically, a system that evolves as the information below is updated.

This way, all the data provided to users complies with the GDPR, because all the enriching information content – such as product sheets, procedures and contacts – cannot contain personal or sensitive information.

What you get is much more than a consultation tool, but a contextual reworking tool that rewrites and simplifies all your internal contents to make them truly usable and searchable, while making all the teamwork more efficient.

Large Language Models and Fine Tuning

The model can be further improved by adapting it to the tone and response patterns expected for each specific use case.

In this sense, we train chatbots or other conversational models on the history of conversations made by human operators, in order to capture as many stylistic nuances as possible and be able to replicate them.

Furthermore, the model can be integrated and interfaced with a live-chat, everytime human interaction is required.

Why choose LLM


Our models are designed to reduce response times and problem resolution, saving human effort and resources.


Our tools can interface directly with live chat, to achieve the ideal balance between human intervention and automation


Highly customizable interfaces to meet the specific needs of your company, adapting to any type of content and tone of voice

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