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Setting goals, planning and controlling any action’s execution.

Orchestrating a set of interrelated operations to accomplish organizational objectives.

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Services and solutions

Intelligent Document Management

An AI solution dedicated to Intelligent Document Processing, from analysis to data entry.

Useful for

  • making the entire practice management process more efficient
  • checking documents through anti-fraud control
  • eliminating human error and drastically reducing time and costs

3rdEye for reputational risks

A sentiment analysis solution to assess the risk of distribution counterparties.

Useful for

  • Analyzing online reviews and news about distributors and retailers
  • Handling specific critical issues and opportunities for improvement in a timely manner
  • driving more effective and data-driven strategic decisions

Large Language Models OPS

Pre-trained LLM Machine Learning models to effectively perform natural language tasks.

Useful for

  • Generating, translating and correcting texts so that they are coherent, resembling human language for tone and smoothness
  • Providing accurate responses in chats and other conversational frameworks, as well as personalized recommendations
  • Synthesizing a text in short and concise sentences, classifying its content by identifying topics, feelings and intentions.