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Risk, Resilience and Reliability Analysis

We perform risk, resilience, and reliability analyses, mapping causes and consequences across multiple scenarios in the industrial world

Risk analysis, to go further

We describe risks by analyzing their causes and consequences, considering a possibly very large number of scenarios as multiple failures of industrial components.

The main challenge here is uncertainty, because evolving industries imply new hazards and threats. Companies need to cope with the new, unknown functional and structural dependencies in and among the systems.

This is why we develop the most advanced approaches and methods to exploit all the data and computational capabilities available.

How the world is changing in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution leverages the Internet of Things and Big Data, which are changing the way we design, manufacture, supply products and services.
On one hand these innovations offer increased well being and benefits, on the other hand they can generate new risks for safety, business continuity and the environment.
As a matter of fact, we are engaged in revolutionizing risk assessment in every sector: from chemical process industry to nuclear industry, from transportation to aerospace, etc.

Affidabilità e resilienza per una sicurezza tangibile

To reduce the risks related to the operation of any modern technological system, reliability and resilience are key system attributes.

  • Reliability analysis aims at quantifying the probability of failure of the entire system and its protective barriers.
  • Resilience Engineering deals with considering unforeseen events in complex systems and the way we adequately respond to such events when they occur.

The objective here is to ensure business continuity and, above all, environmental protection and safety beyond all uncertainties of accidental scenarios.

Because safety means freeing people and companies from unbearable harm, and, thus, a fundamental human right.

Why chose Risk, Resilience and Reliability Analysis 


Our risk assessment makes you fully aware of the risks your company could undergo, with an overall improvement of the safety and resilience of your system.


We allow you to make informed decisions based on an integrated framework of risk, reliability and resilience analysis.


We help you minimize all costs by suggesting optimal action plans for prevention, mitigation, emergency crisis management and restoration.

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