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Predictive Decision Support & Recommendation Systems

A Decision Support & Recommentation System allows huge amounts of data to be analyzed to make more informed decisions

More informed decisions for stronger businesses

Technology today allows us to systematize knowledge, information, data and images from any system and process, grounding our decisions to enhance our technical, economic, social and environmental evolution.

Decision Support and Recommentation Systems let you sift through and analyze massive amounts of data and combine the most relevant information that can be used to make more informed decisions.

Our DSSs integrate Artificial Intelligence and statistical methods with decision analysis techniques and a solid industrial engineering background, proposing decisions capable of truly solving business and operation problems. We base our decision models on the accurate prediction of the asset’s future usage and operating conditions, both endogenous and exogenous.

We implement or suggest optimal strategies because we exploit all the available KID (Knowledge, Information and Data).

Recommendation Systems: the more customization, the more revenue

We also build Recommendation Engines and Systems: advanced algorithms that analyze the user’s previous behavior to suggest those specific items they are likely to prefer, using data analysis techniques.

Recommendation systems allow you to drive much higher conversions and enhance average order value, funneling multiple data sets – such as historical data, real-time visitor behavior, and alternative data – into a recommendation algorithm.

This is well beyond Business Intelligence: while BI collects data and makes them usable for companies, our DSS makes them valuable.

Why choose Decision Support and Recommentation Systems


DSSs reduce errors and time needed to streamline the workflow and provides enhanced logistic operations


DSSs help maintain safe and resilient processes and systems


Predictive systems ensures an optimal budget allocation and the most profitable strategy to operate your assets.

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