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Anomaly Detection, Prediction and Mitigation

Prediction, detection and mitigation of anomalies are crucial for production continuity

Anomaly detection: catching the right signals to make the whole process more efficient

Complex systems are often affected by anomalous patterns, such as incipient failure modes in engineering assets, damages in Critical Infrastructures, procedural errors in management processes, frauds in financial applications, etc.

For their effective operation, it is necessary to early detect the anomalies to properly counteract and ensure business and service continuity.

The resolution is significantly improved by an accurate diagnosis and prediction: classifying the anomaly to understand its possible causes and predict the evolution towards the final consequences.

The resulting, clearer picture of the anomaly scenario enables the implementation of mitigating actions to limit its severity.

A custom approach for a more accurate analysis

As a matter of fact, we develop custom AI approaches to both industrial and management processes and systems, not only to spot the anomaly and identify its specific characteristics when it occurs, but also to predict its next occurrence, enhancing a better asset management related to future demand and offer, such as warehouse replenishment, energy trading, opportunistic maintenance, etc.

This is the prescriptive phase, where our Models suggest the best practices to recover the process and keep running it at its best potential.

Our methodology processes Big Data using advanced data analytics and machine learning, exploiting all the available KID – Knowledge, Information and Data – to make your business as efficient as it can be.

Why choose Anomaly Detection


Early anomaly detection ensures a safer operation of any process and system.


Reducing troubleshooting time and implementing the right mitigation strategy means a faster recovery time for the entire system.


Preventing the full evolution of anomalies minimizes costs related to their restoration.

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