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Efficiency for solid industrial processes

State-of-the-art algorithms and models for the analysis, prediction and performance optimization of industrial components, systems and processes.

We are used to complexity, and willing to challenge more.

Services and solutions

Risk, Resilience and Reliability Analysis

Apply AI with a KID (Knowledge Information and Data) approach to enhance processes and systems.

Useful to

  • Analyze the performance in terms of safety, reliability, maintenance and resilience
  • Improve existing systems and design new assets to minimize risks and costs
  • Estimate the Life Cycle Cost of the overall systems and all their parts, managing the unknowns

Fair Value Estimation

Estimate the actual value of assets based on their expected residual life.

Useful to

  • Optimize extraordinary maintenance to balance Opex and Capex
  • Identify the optimal time to sell the assets considering both endogenous and exogenous factors
  • Drive business decisions to maximize the profits, performing uncertainty and sensitivity analyses

Anomaly Detection, Prediction and Mitigation

We apply custom AI approaches to industrial systems, critical infrastructures, management processes, financial systems.

Useful to

  • Early detecting anomalous patterns: incipient failure modes, damages, procedural errors, frauds, etc.
  • Predicting demand and offer for more efficient asset management: warehouse replenishment, energy trading, opportunistic maintenance, etc.
  • Identifying optimal strategies to recover the systems and process functionalities

Decision Support Systems

We develop AI-based intuitive Apps and Dashboards

Useful to

  • Predict future operational scenarios to prescript optimal actions
  • Design and maintain reliable, safe and resilient processes
  • Manage resources more effectively, enhance logistic solutions and improve budget allocation