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See the invisible

We build up descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data science models to enhance the efficiency of both management and industrial processes.


Governing Complexity

Through Al we manage complex phenomena so that companies can save resources, space and time

Introducing Aramix

We merge the know-how and experience from 3rdPlace and Aramis, boosting our own Machine Learning and Model Serving expertise we have launched Aramix: a new tech-driven player powered by Datrix.

3rdPlace extracts knowledge from data and drive business decisions and generates the best value for companies.


  • describing phenomena through data
  • managing complex processes
  • promoting a data-driven approach

Aramis investigates and develops advanced methodologies and algorithms for the analysis of industrial systems and components.


  • combining ML, AI and statistics
  • realizing reliable and custom solutions
  • disseminating scientific culture

Datrix is a Tech Company Group specialized in Augmented Analytics and Machine Learning, listed on Euronext Growth Milan.


  • empowering human through AI
  • enabling strategic choices
  • aiming at global progress

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