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ESG news monitoring on investments

An asset manager and equity research company needed to monitor ESG performance and risks relating to the listed companies in its portfolio.

We developed a custom project based on a proprietary ESG framework and the daily collection of news data from different web sources to alert clients to specific ESG risks according to a sentiment score, thus considering the companies’ reputation.

Our customer could monitor ESG risks and corporate reputational critical issues on an intuitive dashboard and a quarterly detailed report.

Meaningful insights for investments eng
Transparent ESG analysis eng
Daily monitoring eng

Optimize budget allocation for dealers

A leading international automotive player wanted to understand how to manage the allocation of spare parts sales budgets to its 1000+ dealers.

We developed a Decision Support System to estimate the risk for dealers of not reaching the desired budget goals (based on historical data and remaining stock) and provide meaningful insights for the optimal allocation of budgets to each dealer, in an efficiency-centered perspective.

Optimal Budget Allocation
Reduced risk
Increased certainty for planned goals

Optimize the new customers onboarding process

A major Italian banking institution commissioned us an IDM custom project to optimize its document management flow for the consumer credit division and the onboarding of new customers.

By integrating our IDM technology in the existing infrastructure, we allowed the bank to handle 90,000 files a year, totaling more than 2.5M pages from 33 different file types (IDs, insurance forms, contracts etc.).

This way the entire process was made more efficient, from the document upload to the automatic compilation of the relevant fields, getting accurate and immediately actionable data, as well as saving more than €460,000 per year in money.

Drastically reduced human error
Saving in time and resources
Automatic anti fraud control for documents

Risk assessment of third party distributors

A top player in the consumer electronics industry needed to minimize the risk related to third party distributors, monitoring news and reviews about them, in order to support risk managers in identifying critical issues that involved specific partners and points of sale.

Our solution 3rdEye and its proprietary algorithm was able to process large volumes of alternative data about each store to identify risk signals on a daily basis, carrying on an accurate sentiment analysis of customers and providing a score for every reseller, highlighting critical issues and specific opportunities.

Our client could rely on a daily ranking of the risk associated with each retailer and shop selling its products, along with timely alerts about critical events detected in real time.

Optimized distribution strategy
Transparency and security of data
Timely and accurate alerts for critical issues