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Aramix means AI-based efficiency

We believe efficiency is the key.
For it can unlock new profit and clear the way towards sustainability.
We believe every project is unique, but it takes contamination across industries and disciplines to see the results.
We believe in data: the more we have, the stronger our bridge to knowledge.
We trust in Math, and above all we trust in people.

Human Intelligence

Our Scientific Director, Professor Enrico Zio, was awarded the international Humboldt Research Award in 2020, one of the most prestigious research scientific awards, and he has been included in the World’s Top 2% Scientists list by the Stanford University based on quantity, quality and impact of the scientific work produced.

We are a passionate, STEM-driven team of:

  • data scientists
  • computer scientists
  • mathematicians
  • statisticians
  • computational chemists
  • nuclear engineers
  • electronic engineers

We count up to 10 PhDs and 30 years of expertise on the field.

Enrico Zio
Scientific Director
Andrea Ronchi
Michele Compare
Manuela Bazzarelli
Lead Data Scientist
Nicola Donelli
Head of Product Strategy
Marika Savarese
Head of Project Management
Leone De Marco
Data Scientist
Valerio Corona
Project Manager
Roberto Mascherona
Risk & Reliability Lab Head
Cristiano Cirillo
Tech Sales Director
Guido Ballabio
Data Scientist
Ehsan Sheikhasadi
Doctoral Network
Luca Bellani
Senior Data Scientist
Sabrina Verga
Data Scientist
Stefano Medici
Risk Analyst
Daniele Rocco
Data Engineer
Roberto Turi
Data Engineer
Andrea Olivari
Full Stack Developer
Mario Santella
Emanuele Avolio
Sales Manager
Francesco Galiano
Sales Manager
Silvia Dassiè
Senior Data Scientist
Luca Riccardi
Data Scientist
Luca Pianta
Data Engineer
Francesco Dello Vicario
Data Engineer

We are powered by Datrix

Aramix is the AI research and development center for the entire Group

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